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Get to Know Me

My name is Denise Smith but I like to be known as Dee, I lost my husband in 2022 so things have become so much more important to me, with my family and friends around me and my love of our Golden Labrador Marley I have been able to start looking forward and looking toward the future.

I’ve been working within the care setting since 2009 – My first role in the support industry was working with children facing challenges with their behaviour, this was a job I thoroughly enjoyed however due to health issues I was unable to continue, I had other jobs in between but never seemed to settle until I found my next role as an enablement worker, for the last 6 years I found my calling working in mental health within the adult social care team and loved it.  I enjoyed getting to know individuals and enabling them to help themselves to move on with their lives. After some time I found I was seeing the same people returning time after time due to failing to fall into the right category, there would be no other support for them once the intervention stopped leaving themselves with the same challenges once again.

This used to upset me and at times make me feel quite angry and this is why I decided to offer my own services. I hoped to do this face to face visiting clients in their homes, it was my hope to help people maintain their abilities to a level where they continue moving forward so there was less likelihood they would fall back into the “revolving door cycle”.
I have also worked with people who struggle with clutter/hoarding and have seen first-hand how
completely clearing a home without working on the reasons would have a devastating effect on them. To have a deep clean completed or being evicted from their home without working on those reasons can leave a person with long lasting trauma and other mental health issues.
Making a difference to someone’s life is the most rewarding feeling.

Unfortunately I was unable to commence with this straight away, due to not being able to give up my main day job as I have bills to pay like any other person. I felt I was giving up until now!

Then I realised that I can still do this but online, allowing me to lower prices and make it more widespread and available not only across Kent but way beyond, there is no end!

I look forward to meeting you all. 

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My Background

What Makes Me Stand Out

Therapeutic residential care worker

This was a job I loved however after 4 years and health issues I decided it was time to move on, I worked with young people with challenging behaviours, self harm, ADHD, Autism and much more.

Kent Enablement Recovery Service worker

I worked for the KERS team through KCC and what an amazing role - this has given me the love of working within mental health. It has opened my eyes to the devastating effects that  mental health can have on a person.  

Qualifications & certificates

  • NVQ 3 in adult social care

  • Adult safeguarding awareness

  • NHS Data Security Awareness Level 1

  • Understanding depression and anxiety 

  • Making sense of mental health problems

  • Challenging ideas in mental health

  • Prevent Safeguarding People from Extremism and Terrorism

  • Embedding Human Rights into Adult Social Care

  • Identifying and reporting child safeguarding concerns Adult

  • Self neglect

  • Domestic Abuse & Intimate Partner Violence

  • Hidden Harm Parental Substance Misuse Parental

  • Emotional Abuse Awareness

  • Epilepsy awareness

  • Domestic Abuse It's Everyone's Business

  • Diabetes Awareness



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